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Building a website is much akin to building a house, there are small ones and big ones and everything in between, the costs and the quality vary as much as the different designs and styles. Unlike house building, where a client may interact with dozens of different professionals during the construction process, in website design, the designer takes on multiple roles, acting as everything from architect to landscaper gardener.

Just as you wouldn't leave the design of your new house up to the plumber and painter but instead would give them very clear instructions about exactly where you want your taps and which colour the back door should be; likewise with a new website succinct and precise details are an essential ingredient in creating the website you envisage.

Please answer all of the questions below and provide as much data as possible, including links to other sites that you like.  By providing as much detail as possible at the outset turn around time can be greatly reduced. Delays to the launch of your new website may occur if there is an insufficient amount of required information from the start.

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